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At Trigil Law our focus is you. 
We assist businesses and individuals in the areas of Family Law, Real Estate, Power of Attorneys, and Wills and Estate.
At some point in your life, you will encounter the law. For some it may be normal events, like purchasing a home, drafting a contract, or writing a will.
For others, it can be more complicated, such as divorce, compensation claims, or contract disputes.
We work with our clients to make their complicated matters normal for them. We help resolve disputes, protect you and your assets.
                            At our firm, you come first!!!





Our Vision

At Trigil Law our professional and experienced Family Law Lawyers, Real Estate Lawyers, and Wills & Estate lawyers understand that your family matters are the most important concern in your life. We strive to provide creative solutions for your family matters in a cost-effective manner. Our goal is to achieve favourable results through negotiation, mediation and only litigate when it is necessary.


Trigil Law has shifted away from the traditional practice of law and adopted a unique approach to providing legal services. With the use of cutting edge technology, our clients have access to our flexible billing approaches. Our billing methods are tailored to best suit our client needs. 

  neys, estate administration, probate, and estate litigation.


in recognition of your outstanding contr

Mr. Harjot Gill 

Special focus in Family Law 

Harjot Gill is certified by RECO to trade Real Estate in Ontario and a partner at Trigil Law, which is a boutique law firm located in the Greater Toronto Area, focusing on Family Law, Real Estate, and Wills and Estates.

Licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada in 2010 to provide legal service in Ontario, Harjot started his career working with a Personal Injury Law firm, helping individuals achieve high accident benefit settlements. Harjot has also worked with small to mid-sized law firms in the areas of Civil Litigation, Family Law, Real Estate Law, and Wills & Estate Law. 

Over the years, Harjot has worked with a number of law firms as a consultant to help achieve their business development goals. 

Email : Tel: (647) 236-3424

Our Associates

The Glory of a Good Lawyer

Is to Win a Bad Trial.

( Balzac)


At Trigil Law we always strive to resolve legal issues amicably. In negotiations, we advocate on your behalf to achieve a result that is consistent with your objectives and your interests